Young Thieves Can Not Hold Their Self While Robbing


Young Thieves Can Not Hold Their Self While Robbing. The busty Milf Lexi Luna was masturbating in her bed in the middle of the night. Then the alarm warns her there are two thieves in her home. Lexi begins to watch them on her phone, she checks the security cameras placed all around her home. Tiny teen Kenzie Reeves and her boyfriend Seth Gamble brokes in the house.

Young Thieves Can Not Hold Their Self While Robbing

The young ones hang around instead of doing their thing and leave the place immediately. But petite teen Kenzie gets wet after what she sees in the drop. Clothes, many of them. She wants to try them. In a short time, she makes Seth sucks her cute tits. Then she bends over to get fucked right there. Seth bangs her tight cunt while she was wearing a dress of Lexi’. At the same time horny Milf babe Lexi was continuing to masturbating while watching this horny couple.

Later on, Lexi grabs her bat, gets going to stop them. When she busts them, Lexi surprised because those young ones are friends of her daughter. Instead of calling the police, brunette Milf makes Kenzie eats out her muff on the couch. She is so horny and wants to use this young couple. Busty slut calls Seth to for getting lick her dripping wet cunt. Then old and young females share his rock hard cock, fucks him until he facialized Lexi at the end. With cums on her face, Lexi grabs the phone to call cops. That is their runway ticket.

Lexi Luna Busts The Thieves In Her Home

Date: March 8, 2019