Young Stud Juan Fucks Hottie Mom Mercedes


Young Stud Juan Fucks Hottie Mom Mercedes. Juan “El Caballo” Loco is going to spend the night with his best friend in their place. As his friend’s school finishes late, Juan will take the key under door mat and will wait him in his place. But his friends has forgotten to leave the key. So, he tries all the door and finally finds one unlocked. It is the master bedroom. Before he leaves this room, his friend’s hot mom, Mercedes Carrera comes to house.

Young Stud Juan Fucks Hottie Mom Mercedes

Juan doesn’t want to be caught in her bedroom although he has an explanation. So, he hides under sheets and waits for her to leave so he can go to living room. While hiding there, he eavesdrop her phone call. Apparently, her marriage is not going well, and she is at the edge of divorce. On top of it, today is their anniversary and her husband is going to spend the night at work. Before Juan can escape from her bedroom, Latina milf Mercedes catches him under sheets. First, she scolds him than asks him not to tell anything he hears to his son. Then, she gives an innocent kiss to this sweet kid. But now, she wants more, she wants comfort so she kisses him passionately. Before banging this young stud, her friend’s son, she makes sure he is over eighteen.


Son's Friend Fucks Busty Latina Milf Mercedes Carrera

Date: November 8, 2018