Young Photographer Bangs Redhead Model Scarlett


Young Photographer Bangs Redhead Model Scarlett. While standing at the side of the road, redhead Scarlett Mae realizes someone is taking her photos. When she looks carefully, Scarlett recognizes the photographer, her high school friend Tyler Nixon.

Young Photographer Bangs Redhead Model Scarlett

Tyler pretends that he is taking the photos of the plants around the area. But clearly, he is taking her photos. Because Scarlett is one of the hottest babes in school. In her tight shorts and red top, she looks breathtaking.

As their school has finished and it is time for college, they talk about their preferences. Scarlett always likes the camera and offers Tyler to be her model. She invites him to her place for a photo section.

When Tyler gets into her place, he finds her wearing a pale blue leotard. Oh dear god, she looks really amazing. After taking some photos, they sit on the couch to check them. But instead of photography, they find each other banging their brains out on the couch.

Date: December 10, 2018
Actors: Scarlett Mae