Waiter Fucks Smoking Hot Latina Rose


Waiter Fucks Smoking Hot Latina Rose. Gorgeous Venezuelan babe Rose Monroe goes to shopping for the romantic date tonight. Her boyfriend is taking her out to a fancy restaurant. So, she wants to be dazzling and sexy. Hence, she buys a new dress and heels.

Waiter Fucks Smoking Hot Latina Rose

Busty Rose really likes the restaurant her boyfriend picked. But there is one big problem with him. Her boyfriend is not paying any attention to him but wasting all his time looking at his phone. After doing so many things, Rose gets really angry about his neglect. She has a Latina temper but instead of yelling at him, Rose decides to get revenge. She notices the waiter, Duncan Saint, checking her big fake tits all night. So, she gives him a note to meet with her at the restaurant’s bathroom. Rose pushes him into one empty toilet cabinet to bang his brains out.

Date: December 20, 2018
Actors: Rose Monroe