Tiny Thai Nanny Surprising Young Man


Tiny Thai Nanny Surprising Young Man. The young man of the house was sleeping nosily when the petite Asian nanny Suzie comes in with her cleaning stuff. She asks him to get wake up, then keeps going to her tries. After a bit, she just gives up. Nothing she did could wake him up. Suzie decides to give him some more time to sleep. Later on, she comes in again, her tires do not get the point again.

Tiny Thai Nanny Suzie Q Kiu Surprising Young Man

This time she removes his blanket to make a move to him. But she meets with a hard surprise while doing that. The young guy actually was masturbating and did not want to get caught. So, he was pretending to sleep. Suzie likes what she saw for seconds. After a bit, he asks five minutes to finish what he was doing. Small brunette slowly leaves the room but, hides behind the door. She wants his cock badly.

When he was stroking with closed eyes, horny nanny gets near him and wait till he notices her. Without any word, she takes his cock into her mouth. The guy liked it and does not hold himself. Petite slut sits on his face after she finishes the blowjob. After her cunt gets liked well, Suzie gets banged in the missionary position first. After fucking her tight cunt on the bed, the lucky guy comes on her small ass at the end.

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Date: June 9, 2018
Actors: Suzie Q Kiu