Tabloid Owner Fucks Famous Babe Jade Nile


Tabloid Owner Fucks Famous Babe Jade Nile. Abella Danger has started to work for a middle size tabloid magazine in Los Angeles. Although she has finished art photography program and good at it, she needs money. Latina photographer leaves her morale codes one by one and becomes fake power hungry bitch. With her latest trespassing, she manages to get teen singer’s photos, fucking her manager. Now, Abella starts to get famous in tabloid world in LA.

Tabloid Owner Fucks Famous Babe Jade Nile

After her late successes, Charles, the biggest tabloid’s owner calls her for a meeting. Apparently, he has a gig for her, she needs to trespass into some address he gave her. It might be some kind of trap but on the other hand it might be the biggest opportunity in her life. Abella trespasses into a luxury mansion. Then, she finds one of the famous babes in LA, Jade Nile very close with another man. Oh, she thinks that it is going to be huge for her career to take these photos. Because Jade is married to another famous men and Abella is going to catch Jade on action. Then, Jade’s husband walks through pool and Abella’s dream crushes.

When Jade leaves the pool, Abella gets the biggest shock of her life. Because now, Jade’s husband and other guy are making out. Oh god, so their marriage was fake and husband is a gay, having affair with another man.


Famous Babe Jade Nile Fucks Tabloid Owner

Date: November 8, 2018