Stripper Jade Fucks Black Office Worker Kira


Stripper Jade Fucks Black Office Worker Kira. Blonde bride-to-be Charlotte Sky wakes up in the morning. She has a very bad hangover and starts to remember last night’s events. It was her bachelorette party with six of her best friends. Black babe Kira Noir, her best friend informs her that they accidentally send a female stripper to her party. After lots of drinks, blonde babe Charlotte doesn’t care if the stripper is male or female, she can have her fun.

Stripper Jade Fucks Black Office Worker Kira

After some more drinks, Charlotte kissed the stripper but can’t stop there. She remember fucking the hot stripper in front of all her friends. Then, Charlotte remembers the final thing, Kira’s filming all process. She immediately finds her phone and calls her best friend Kira but black babe rejects her call. On the other hand, Kira finds the last night’s stripper, Jade Baker in her office. Jade is asking for her money. But Kira had already paid her and refuses to pay more. Jade says that it was not their deal that Kira filmed her fucking the bride-to-be. Although there are people around, Kira can make a payment, under her desk, starting with a good pussy eating.

Date: March 7, 2019