Stepson Fucks Drunken Stepmom Aaliyah


Stepson Fucks Drunken Stepmom Aaliyah. In the middle of the night, Jack starts to hear noises coming from the front door. He gets out of the bed and slowly walks through the door, cautious. When he checks from the peeping hole, Jack sees her step mom, Aaliyah in his doorstep. The guy opens the door and she barges inside. Apparently, hot blonde milf is totally drunk, giggling and gibbering.

Stepson Fucks Drunken Stepmom Aaliyah

Blonde milf starts to talk about sex, she wants a good fucking right now. Although Jack really finds her attractive, he is not sure about banging her while she is so drunk. So, Jack tries to make her sleep before anything happens. On the other hand, Aaliyah brings an old issue, which they have fucked one time. Now, they can do it again, begging Jack to fill her wet and horny pussy here and now. But Jack carries his stepmother onto the bed and tries to live. Aaliyah spreads her legs, shows him her pussy, how juicy she is. Jack can’t resist her twat and decides to pull out and bangs her step mom.

Date: April 13, 2019