Stepson Bangs Stepmom And College Friend


Stepson Bangs Stepmom And College Friend. It is a special day for busty milf Bridgette B. Because her old college roommate, Karma Rx is going to visit her in her place after so many years. Although Bridgette has a husband now, she still is thinking the times she had with Karma. They were not only roommates but lesbian lovers back in time. Bridgette really is looking forward to taste Karma’s pussy one more time.

Stepson Bangs Stepmom And College Friend

For this special day, big boobs blonde wakes up early and tidies the house for her college roommate Karma. Then, sexy milf calls her useless step son Ricky Spanish to talk. She has to warn him to behave normally around Karma. Because she knows that her stepson is a total pervert and always horny. Finally, Bridgette hears the doorbell and opens the door to get Karma inside. After talking about the old days, Bridgette goes to the bedroom.

Although his step mom has warned him to behave normally, Ricky can’t stick to his promise to her. Because his step mother’s old roommate, tattooed babe Karma is damn so hot with her big boobs. While he is trying to talk with her, he pulls down his shorts and reveals his huge cock to Karma. She might have lesbian love with his step mother, but Ricky wants her to suck his cock. After a bit talking, he convinces her to suck his cock. When she gets on her knees to taste his dick, his stepmom shows up and blocks his dick.

Busty Latina milf Bridgette takes her old roommate from the kitchen into her bedroom. Now, she can bang Karma like old times. On the other hand, Ricky wants to know what they are doing and cracks the bedroom door open to spy on them. He can’t believe what they are doing, how they are looking. These two huge boobs blonde milfs are having incredible lesbian sex. After their sex, Karma goes for a quick shower, where Ricky sneaks on her.

Sneaky Stepson Peeps On Lesbians

Ricky gets into the shower after her, while Karma assumes he is Bridgette. But soon, she realizes that it is Bridgette’s horny stepson. Karma tries to send him out but Ricky offers him only rubbing, help under the shower. While he is rubbing her body with his hands, Karma can’t take it anymore and goes on her knees to suck him. After they start fucking in the bathroom, Bridgette catches them. Surprisingly, she is not angry but wants to join them for a threesome.


Bridgette B, Karma Rx - Threesome With Stepson
Bridgette B, Karma Rx
Date: May 14, 2019