Stepsister and Her Friend Having Fun After Sponge Bath


Stepsister and Her Friend Having Fun After Sponge Bath. Logan was laying down on his bad with two broken arms when stepsis Ms.Faris gets there. She wants to check on him, asks if needs anything. Well, Logan needs a lot of things but most important he feels dirty, needs a bath. A Sponge bath. Bratty stepsis is not doing that even for him, she offers to bring a glass of water. Well helping is all that. Logan is lucky today, stepsister’ bestie Chloe Cherry is there today. Stepsister tells Chloe about it and petite blonde teen gladly says she is gonna do that. While Ms.Faris stand next to them, Chloe gives a sponge bath to Logan. Cheerful blonde washes all his parts but one by one.

Stepsister and Her Friend Having Fun After Sponge Bath

Under his short there is something starts to get bigger during the bath. Logan has a big cock that amazes Chloe. Finally, she removes his underwear. After a “wow”, Chloe cleans his cock too. At this time his stepsister closes her eyes, she does not want to see it. It is looking too delicious to Chloe. She can not hold herself to jerking off him. Then she begins to suck off him. The stepsister is not happy with that, at least she acts like that. But when the slutty blonde offer to grab it too, she goes for it. In a short time, both of them were riding the shaft into their tight cunts one by one.

Stepsister And Her Friend Giving A Double Blowjob
Chloe Cherry, Ms Faris


Date: July 28, 2019