Step Uncle Fucks Their Asses Roughly


Step Uncle Fucks Their Asses Roughly. Stirling is back to home for this Christmas. It is been a long time since he left the home. When he gets in with some presents, booty mom Krissy Lynn was decorating the tree. She does not wait for, surprise after seeing him in front of her. Stirling was hoping his brother forgive him. Their last meeting was a complete mess. Her bro busts him while Stirling was drilling her wife Krissy. Then a big fight between them, end with a leaving.

Step Uncle Fucks Their Asses Roughly

During the talk, he asks her if they are happy with her husband. Hard guy demands some answer from her while slapping her on the face. He wants her to obey him. Busty Milf was not happy in her married life, that is her weak point. Then he makes her goes down with her hands on her back, wants him to fuck her mouth. Dirty talking wants it hard and Stirling goes rough on her. After making her beg enough, he fucks her throat while still making her talk dirty. She is a real slave of him now.

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Then he smacks her ass for a while before getting upstairs. On there, he handcuffed, gagged her mouth. With a whip on his hands, just smacks her big ass just before he sticks his dong into her muff. Short haired Milf loves it with pain and he just gives it to her. After that, he goes for her asshole, roughly fucks her backdoor on the couch. The main door opens. His step-niece Gia Darling is in the home now.

Krissy handcuffs him on there, tells him to stay silent until she gets back. Then she goes down to welcome her Gia. When Krissy leaves her for a talk on the phone, Gia gets the new presents and goes upstairs. She finds Stirling tied on the couch and comes up with a brilliant idea. She decides to make a Christmas video for her slut stepmom Krissy.

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Slutty teen Gia starts to sucking his hard dong while recording it with her phone. Then she unties Stirling. After that, dirty uncle goes on her step-niece’ big ass hard. Smacking her ass follows a brutal face fuck. The fucking slut gets tied just as her stepmom after that. Stirling uses the wimp on her natural tits for a while. After that fucks her mouth just before he shoves into her tight asshole directly.

Later on, he left Gia after tied up her in the living room, wait for Krissy. After she gets there he starts to roughly fuck Gia in front of her. Things get messy on there. Soon after he releases her, makes those slutty steps sucks his boner once again. Then, in the doggy style, he pounds the cock hungry mom Krissy until he cums on her big butts.

Date: February 5, 2019