Step Daughter Tara Ashley Gives A Farewell Gift


Step Daughter Tara Ashley Gives A Farewell Gift. It is the last day with her daddy before Tara goes to college. In her bedroom, she was talking to him while she is wearing a prom gown. There is no pantie on her also. She is teasing her stepdad, at the same time she is a little bit upset. After moving the school she wants to give him a little gift for all he has done for her. Moving up her dress to show him her shaved fresh peach is the first move that she does after that. Then, she locks the door to be sure no one disturbs them after that. Perv guy fingers her wet cunt, lets her play with her cunt rubs her clit. Then, he sticks his cock, fucks her until he gives a creampie. That will help her in the school, at least he thought like that.

Date: December 21, 2018
Actors: Tara Ashley