Social Media Model Brooke Sinclaire Gets Anal


Social Media Model Brooke Sinclaire Gets Anal. Young wife Brooke Sinclaire is a very active social media user. Even, hot wife Brooke has created her own brand on social media and she is the model of her brand. Actually, social media is important than everything for her. Her husband is really supportive of her and helping with every issue.

Social Media Model Brooke Sinclaire Gets Anal

On the other hand, her hubby has not good looks. If Brooke wants to expand her brand, she needs a better-looking husband. So, brunette wife Brooke convinces her hubby to hire a fake husband to be with her in social media photos. Alex Legend applies for the job but he finds the position weird.

If her husband is ok with the situation, Alex is too. For the first photos, Alex and Brooke pose together while Brooke’s husband takes the photos. In this short photo shooting, slutty wife Brooke can’t keep her hands and touches Alex in front of her husband. When she sends her husband away for a gig, it is now time to test this new fake husband. He is younger than her husband and he can actually give her deep anal fucking in the ass, unlike her husband.

Fake Husband Fucks Brooke Sinclaire Anal


Date: November 18, 2017