Smoking Hot Wife Cassandra Gets Punished


Smoking Hot Wife Cassandra Gets Punished. Before her husband comes home for the lunch, brunette milf Cassandra Cain gets into the kitchen. She has to prepare lunch for her husband but Cassandra goes for an easy option. Sexy wife takes out bread and jam and makes a peanut butter jam sandwich for her husband.

Smoking Hot Wife Cassandra Gets Punished

Black haired milf Cassandra puts the sandwich into the back and goes for a smoke in the garden. Actually, her husband has a rule for smoking, it is not allowed for her, never. But this busty milf really likes to break his rules, because there is a punishment after he catches her. Of course, she really likes her punishment, getting dominated by her husband. When her husband comes home after five minutes, he gets pissed by the easy sandwich and finds out she has smoked.

Date: May 18, 2019