Skinny Dipping Teen Evelyn Claire Fucks Neighbor


Skinny Dipping Teen Evelyn Claire Fucks Neighbor. This summer is hotter than any other summers. Brunette teen Evelyn Claire can’t stand the heat anymore. She is a college student and living in a studio apartment, without an air conditioner. She spends her time mostly at her little balcony but it is not helping at all.

Skinny Dipping Teen Evelyn Claire Fucks Neighbor

Sexy teen Evelyn realizes her neighbor Seth Gamble’s pool, looks so charming. While watching his pool at night, she sees her neighbor Seth’s leaving the house. She decides to use his pool when he is away, she can cool her body in this way. Evelyn sneaks into his backyard and takes off her clothes. As she doesn’t have any bikini, she skinny dips into the pool. Actually, she really likes to use another person’s pool, all naked. While relaxing in the cool water, she hears someone is talking with her, her neighbor Seth. Apparently, the guy is back to his home really early.

Date: July 10, 2019
Actors: Evelyn Claire