Sexy Nurse Olivia Austin Giving Special Attention JMac


Sexy Nurse Olivia Austin Giving Special Attention JMac. The poor patient J Mac was sleeping in the hospital when Nurse Olivia Austin comes to check him. Well, I didn’t meet any nurse who likes  Nurse Olivia, she incredibly hot. Her big boobs want to climb over her coat, her lips are there for only sucking cocks. That was a joke, she is hot, that is all!

Sexy Nurse Olivia Austin Giving Special Attention JMac

After checking his chart, she comes close. Busty blonde notices how big his cock and that is a new thing for her in the hospital. Nurse Olivia decides to give him some extra special attention since he has a huge cock. After placing medical gloves on her hands, hot nurse pulls up his dress. With a razor and bottle of water, she begins the treatment. But in a short time she just forgets about them, strokes his pole nicely then takes it into her mouth.

The treatment part is over. While she was sucking his rod, J Mac pretends to be sleeping, just enjoying the blowjob. When she removes all of her dresses, she puts her ass on his face and continues to suck his cock. There is no need to pretend to sleep anymore, J Mac licks and eats out her wet pussy until she rides his pole in reverse cowgirl position.

Nurse Olivia Austin Like Giving Hanjob
Nurse Olivia Austin
Date: February 13, 2019
Actors: Olivia Austin