Sexy Elves Gets Christmas Lesbian Foursome


Sexy Elves Gets Christmas Lesbian Foursome. The Christmas night is coming closer and the elves at the north pole have to work really hard. They should finish the packing of the gifts before Santa Claus starts his annual tour. On the other hand, our naughty elf, Kristin Black gets really bored with this hard working. She wants to have some fun so she decides to tease her elf partner, Sybil Kailena.

Sexy Elves Gets Christmas Lesbian Foursome

Horny elf Kristin takes off her top and shows her boobs to Sybil. Then, she pulls down her pants and bends over to exhibit her cute butts and pussy. When she gets no response from her partner Sybil, Kristin approaches her behind. She suddenly gropes her big natural tits from behind. As she fondles her big boobs, Sybil starts to enjoy her lesbian seduction. But their supervisor, blonde milf elf Kathy Anderson catches them fooling around. Now, it is time for punishment, hitting their butts.

Date: January 11, 2019