Sexy Babe Katana Fucks Noisy Roommate


Sexy Babe Katana Fucks Noisy Roommate. Latina bombshell Katana Kombat is working from her bedroom, on her laptop. But it becomes really hard for her to focus her work because of all the loud. Her roommate, Xander Corvus is playing loud music. She walks through his room and knocks her door. She warns her to turn down the volume or he is going face the consequences.

Sexy Babe Katana Fucks Noisy Roommate

When Xander continues to play her loud music, Katana grabs a scissor and break downs his room door, literally. Then, she cuts the wires and stabs his amplifier. Xander is actually afraid of Katana because she is really a tough woman, also a bully. But Xander wants payback after her stabbing. So, he decides to peep on her while she is taking her time in the bathtub.

Xander makes a noise and Katana finds him spying on her while she masturbates. She runs after Xander and corners him in the kitchen. Hot Latina orders him to clean the dishes while she is watching him. Katana is totally naked and still horny because he interrupted her masturbation. But she can make him useful for this time and grasps his cock from behind.

Date: December 15, 2018
Actors: Katana Kombat