Sexy Babe Ariana Fucks Future Roommate


Sexy Babe Ariana Fucks Future Roommate. Chuck is moving into Los Angeles because of his father’s company. He is searching for houses around Santa Monica, wants one close to the ocean. After checking a couple of houses, now it is time to see the next one. He knocks the door and beautiful babe Ariana Marie opens the door. She welcomes him inside and tells him that her roommate is still in the process of moving out.

Sexy Babe Ariana Fucks Future Roommate

Lovely gal Ariana gives a tour around the house. After seeing every room, Chuck needs to think because this house is a little over his budget. While he is thinking about money, they start to talk. When Ariana tells him that she is from Canada, Chuck says the same. On top of being Canadian, they have lived close to each other. Even, they have some mutual friends. Chuck confesses that he doesn’t like here in Christmas time.

Ariana likes it here but she is missing one tradition, sexmas. In Canada, for this holiday, you have all the sex you can, twenty-five times. Ariana likes her future roommate and offers him if he wants to be her sexmas partner. Of course, Chuck is ready for this hottie and they immediately start their sex marathon.

Date: January 8, 2019