Seth Fucks Stepmom In The Ass After Blackmailing Her


Seth Fucks Stepmom In The Ass After Blackmailing Her. Seth Gamble, the looser stepson was yelling in the kitchen after seeing an empty fridge. His stepmom Dana DeArmond gets there in no time after hearing his yelling. Classy MILF just getting sicked off his behaviors lately. Seth can’t find a decent job for a long time. He is lazy and does not care about the order of their home. Also, he is a lazy guy. All those reasons make Dana angry with him. Today, she gives him a big criticize after his complaints about the lacking food.

After the slating, Seth gets furry rather than usual. He just can not holds it more. One day when his dad not at home, he hears some weird voices that coming from master bedroom He get there to check it on. Mature Dana was fucking with a friend of his dad in their bedroom. He noticed it and leaves them alone.

Seth Fucks Stepmom In The Ass After Blackmailing Her

Now, after the kitchen event, Dana goes on him in the living room too. But, Seth is gonna follow a different way rather than usual today. He waits for speech, after that he tells her what happened in the bedroom a few days ago. There is nothing to tell about the cheating, cheater stepmom admits it and waits for her stepson’s demands. The first order was getting down to let him fuck her cute mouth deeply.

Desperate mom does what he says. After sucking his cock well enough, Seth begins to drills her wet pussy hard. Soon after he starts to fuck her tight asshole as much as hard he can. Hard stud makes her get on her knees again to blast his seeds to her beautiful face finally.


Date: August 11, 2018