Runaway Babe Ashley Fucks Married Biker


Runaway Babe Ashley Fucks Married Biker. Busty brunette Ashley Adams lived by the society rules until now. Then, suddenly, sexy babe decides to change all her life, follow no rules. Now, Ashley is going on a journey, all by herself, hitchhike around the country. After leaving her family and her boyfriend, she hits the roads.

Runaway Babe Ashley Fucks Married Biker

After days of journey, Ashley finds herself on the road, alone. When she hears the noise of a motorbike, she raises her finger for hitchhiking. A handsome biker, Charles Dera stops for busty babe. After his cheesy talking, she jumps on the back of Charles. But after an hour, they have an engine problem and pulls to the side. Charles works on the engine for half an hour but can’t make it running again. Ashley is bored and wants some naughty fun. After spilling water all over her white top, she takes off in front of Charles.

He acknowledges her that he is married and doesn’t want an affair for now. But Ashley walks through him, she sucks his wedding ring out of finger and throws it. Now, she goes for what in his pants and wants him to fuck her right here at outdoors.

Date: November 27, 2018