Quarterback Pounds Kenzie Taylor In Locker Room


Quarterback Pounds Kenzie Taylor In Locker Room. Tonight, it is the biggest game of the season for quarterback J Mac. But the bold guy is having the worst game for this season. At the half time, the team’s coach takes only him into the locker room and gives starts to give him a harsh speech. In the middle of his scolding, boss’s hot daughter, blonde babe Kenzie Taylor rushes into the locker room and sends couch away as calling him impotent.

Quarterback Pounds Kenzie Taylor In Locker Room

Busty blonde babe takes couches place to scold him but he is not paying attention to her words because he lost himself in her cleavage. Sexy babe has a deep cleavage over her white shirt and she is showing too many big tits for J Mac to focus any other things. Hot babe tries to get his attention to her face and her words but she can’t manage at all. So, she decides to try another approach.

The bald football player needs to forget about everything but the game. To achieve this, she is going to give him some shock. Babe leans her big tits over her face and lets him fondles her boobs. Then, she gets down to suck his already hard cock and relieve him by fucking in the locker room.


Boss Daughter Kenzie Taylor Fucks In Locker Room


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Date: August 21, 2017
Actors: J Mac / Kenzie Taylor