Policeman Fucks Brothers Fiancee Bobbi


Policeman Fucks Brothers Fiancee Bobbi. It is a big day in Bobbi Dylan’s life because she is going to meet with her fiance’s big brother. According to her fiance Will, his brother Chad White is like the father figure in his life, he has provided and took care of him all the time. So, it is too important for him to get his blessing before the marriage.

Policeman Fucks Brothers Fiancee Bobbi

Brunette babe Bobbi is worrying about if Chad doesn’t like her. But Will assures her that he will. When they meet, police officer Chad tells her ear that he knows everything. Actually, when Will goes for shopping, Chad lets Bobbi know that he made a background check and knows everything about her rap sheet. He doesn’t want her to hurt his little brother. On the other hand, pervert police Chad wants to taste this hottie. So, he blackmails her to telling about his brother if she doesn’t fuck him right here.

Date: December 30, 2018