Peter Celebrates New Year With Huge Ass Julianna


Peter Celebrates New Year With Huge Ass Julianna. Massive ass Julianna Vega is hosting the New Year party for her friends. She has her best friend Teresa, Diego and Peter Green for the party. They eat dinner together and drink champagne all the night. Peter can’t take his eyes away from Julianna’s body. Sexy Latina is wearing a skimpy blue dress, hardly covering her huge ass. On top of it, Julianna is teasing Diego with her curvy body.

Peter Celebrates New Year With Huge Ass Julianna

Booty Latina pretends to drop new year hat so she can bend over. When she bends over, Peter’s eyes pop out from their places, because sexy milf is not wearing any panties and revealing her pussy. When it comes to countdown and first kiss for the new year, Peter pushes Diego away and takes his chance to kiss Julianna. Julianna gets surprised by his initiative but if he really wants to be with her, she can do him instead of Diego. Big booty Latina Julianna takes Peter to her bedroom to bang his brains out. Now, Diego has lost his chance with Julianna so he asks Teresa to fuck but she rejects him too. He has nothing for rest of the night, other than eating and drinking.

Date: January 12, 2019