Pervert Masked Thief Fucks Hot Wife Rhonda


Pervert Masked Thief Fucks Hot Wife Rhonda. Chad White working in the nights at suburban areas. But his line of work is not ethical, he is a thief. But Chad is not an ordinary robber, he is also a big pervert. On top of the valuables, he is stealing the panties the places he breaks in.

Pervert Masked Thief Fucks Hot Wife Rhonda

Today, as the darkness falls, he starts working. Chad breaks into a big house in the neighborhood and finds his way to bedroom. He can hear the couple talking in the living room so he has to do his job fast. But first, he checks the drawer and finds the panties. After sniffing some of them, he wears one panties on top of his black masked. But before leaving the house, the wife of the place, Rhonda Rhound catches him on action. This wife turns out to be a total slut and offers him more, she doesn’t care a masked thief behind her husband’s back.

Date: December 4, 2018