Peeping Guy Fucks Hot Roommate Jaye


Peeping Guy Fucks Hot Roommate Jaye. Brunette teen Jaye Summers is a student in the college. She is sharing her house with a guy, J Mac. When she walks into kitchen, Jaye stumbles upon guy’s dirty dish in the sink. As they have an agreement upon some rules, Jaye pays a visit to his room to tell him to wash the dishes. First, she knocks the door and when he says “come in”, Jaye opens the door. She gets a huge surprise because her roommate J Mac is jerking off. Oh, also he has the biggest cock she has ever seen.

Peeping Guy Fucks Hot Roommate Jaye

After watching his masturbation for a minutes, Jaye asks him to wash the dishes. Later that day, Jaye walks into kitchen while talking with her friend on the phone. This time, she gets a bigger shock, because J Mac is on the countertop and he is jerking off once again. After watching him for awhile and asking not to do, she leaves the kitchen. Brunette teen gets into bathroom for shower. But J Mac is after her, cracks the door open to spy on her. When she starts to take shower, he starts masturbating as he peeps. Oh, it is good to see his roommate starts to masturbate by using showerhead. When Jaye spots J Mac, this time, she invites him to join her under shower.

Date: January 12, 2019

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