Patient Fucks Nurse Jasmine Behind Wifes Back


Patient Fucks Nurse Jasmine Behind Wifes Back. Keiran Lee tries to open his eyes slowly. He can’t remember where he is. After two minutes of struggle, he hardly opens his eyes and sees a very hot nurse, Jasmine Jae in front of him. Oh dear god, she has an amazing cleavage, he can see most of her big fake tits.

Patient Fucks Nurse Jasmine Behind Wifes Back

Keiran realizes a bandage on his cock. Then, he gets some flashbacks about the incident. He was fucking one of his colleagues at work and injured his dick. Jasmine explains his situation. Apparently, he is in comatose for a month but his cock is better now. Then, his wife walks into the room. Keiran pretends to have amnesia because he doesn’t want his wife to ask more questions about his injury. Jasmine notices that Keiran is having a hard time, so she finds an excuse to send his wife away.

Then, she starts to change his bandage on his cock. But before re-bandaging, busty Jasmine in her slutty nurse uniform wants to do some tests to make sure he is okay. When Keiran tells her that she can do anything, Jasmine starts her tests. First, she gives him a handjob, then a blowjob with deepthroats. When Keiran passes all the tests, she goes for the final one, to bang him before his wife’s back.

Date: December 22, 2018