Panty Sniffing Guy Fucks Stepmom Krissy Lynn


Panty Sniffing Guy Fucks Stepmom Krissy Lynn. As her step son Robby Echo is going away for college, hot milf Krissy Lynn prepares a perfect parting gift. In the kitchen, she tells him to remind his gift before leaving the house.

Panty Sniffing Guy Fucks Stepmom Krissy Lynn

Later that day, Robby sneaks into parent’s bedroom and finds the laundry basket. Oh, he really loves his step mother’s panties. He takes one and starts sniffing. He needs a reminder of her so he slips it into his pocket. Then, he takes another panty and sniffs this one. Robby hears his stepmom’s voice behind her and tries to hide the panty.

Busty Krissy tells him that he has ruined her gift. She gives the gift box to her step son. When Robby opens it, he finds several of her best panties. She explains that she knows all about his panty sniffing. Actually this is not the only present Robby is going to have. She takes his hand and puts under her mini skirt for the second part.


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Date: February 23, 2018
Actors: Krissy Lynn