Olive Glass Fucks Unhappy Married Man


Olive Glass Fucks Unhappy Married Man. Brunette babe Olive Glass has heard from her friend that friend’s husband Justin Hunt has a huge cock. She really wants to try him even he is the husband of her friend. But, her friend is treating him terribly even in public. On top of it, in tonight’s party, her friend gets into bathroom with another man, more than half an hour.

Olive Glass Fucks Unhappy Married Man

Sexy babe Olive calls her friend’s husband Justin into bedroom. She talks with him about their marriage and her wife. Olive tells her that he doesn’t deserve all this. He really needs a woman who is going to appreciate him, actually his big cock. Brunette babe Olive makes her move on him after the talk and fondles his cock nice and slow over his pants.

Perk Olive takes off her dress and then her red lingerie. Horny babe pushes Justin on bed and opens her zipper. Babe wraps his cock into between her lips and gives a good blowjob. Then she lies down and let Justin fucks her pussy missionary.

Horny Babe Olive Glass Fucks Friend's Husband


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Date: November 19, 2017