Old Highschool Classmate Blackmails Katrina For Anal


Old Highschool Classmate Blackmails Katrina For Anal. Jessy James has always liked his high school classmate Katrina Jade. She was one of the hottest babe in their small town. But after high school, this busty babe has gone to LA to continue with her life. Soon, all the people in their small town started to talk about huge news. Their town girl Katrina Jade has become a pornstar, and very good one.

Old Highschool Classmate Blackmails Katrina For Anal

Jessy has become obsessed with Katrina as he watches her HD porn movies couple of times everyday. He did all the research on her and found some nasty pictures. Apparently, Katrina has been fucking her own brother and Jessy has the photos of their fucking. So, it is time to get close with her. He sends one picture to her and asks her to meet in her place. He is clearly blackmailing her to own her gorgeous curvy body. Jessy tells her that if she wants him to delete these pictures, he has to own her all holes. That means a hardcore ass fucking. As Katrina doesn’t want these pictures to release all over the internet, she gives what he wants, including anal sex.

Date: November 19, 2018

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