Nineteen Years Brooke Haze Gets Extra Cash


Nineteen Years Brooke Haze Gets Extra Cash. Brunette teen Brooke had her lunch in a Brazilian restaurant and starts to walk at the sidewalk through her house. While she is half way to her home, a guy approaches her, carrying a camera in his hand.

Nineteen Years Brooke Haze Gets Extra Cash

Guy introduces himself to her as a college student. He is now conducting an interview for his psychological thesis. If she spares her time, he would like to ask her some questions. Naughty teen in shorts accepts to give him some time but he can conduct his interview as they walk. They begin to walk and guy asks her questions, where she is from, what she does, eats, wears etc.

Lastly, he says there are more intimate and sexual questions for the essence of his thesis. Babe tells him to shoot the questions. First one is about flashing her tits at public, is it ok for 100 dollars? Of course, it is. Babe doesn’t give a second thought and shows him her tender perky tits.

For the other questions, guy offers her to go in quieter place and she accepts. Cash is going to come, much more money if she can suck and fuck in public. Sure, this slut is all about money and sex so this is perfect combination for her to fuck total strangers at outdoors, for money.

Brooke Haze Fuck Interview Guy For Money


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Date: August 10, 2017
Actors: Brooke Haze