Mover Guy Fucks Blonde Wife Bailey Brooke


Mover Guy Fucks Blonde Wife Bailey Brooke. Busty wife Bailey Brooke and her husband are moving into a new neighborhood. Her husband should have been here to help her but he got to go an urgent business meeting. So, Bailey has to coordinate all the moving herself with the mover guy.

Mover Guy Fucks Blonde Wife Bailey Brooke

While watching the muscle guy, Alex Adams, sexy wife Bailey gets horny. She barely keeps her hands into herself but touches him here and there, like his ass. Apparently, horny teen can’t wait any longer because of her wet pussy. Big titty blonde gets into bathroom and calls her husband. They have an open, weird relationship where they need permission to fuck stranger. When her husband gives her green light to fuck, Bailey changes into black lingerie to complete the mission.

Horny Wife Bailey Brooke Rides Mover Guy


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Date: October 11, 2017

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