Michele James – Escort Teen Can’t Get Enough


Michele James – Escort Teen Can’t Get Enough. Busty gorgeous teen Michele James escorting to earn money for living. She is one of the lucky ones on the work. Tempting brunette enjoys all luxuries provided, spend her life with it. Among the customers she has, Mick is a special one. He is a Europen billionaire, has complete control over her. After getting L.A, Mick sends her a msg to meet with her. Hot teen makes her prepayments and gets on her way to his resort.

Michele James – Escort Teen Can’t Get Enough (First Anal Scene)

As soon as she gets inside, he bends over Michele on his hug to smack her bubble butt. According to him, she is late and that needs punishment. Then, Mick makes sure she removes her dress to smacking her naked ass too. Later on, escort slut was on her knees to facing his hard cock. He fucks her head deeply. Then drills her cunt from behind.

Soon after he fucks her mouth again, then request permission for her virgin tight asshole. Michele can’t say him no as an answer, she really wants Mike happy, even if it means to get fucked in the ass. After that, Mick fucks her in the ass deep as he can. That is her first anal action.

Michele James Gets Her Fuck Fot The First Time
First Anal Scene


Date: February 6, 2019
Actors: Michele James