Masked Burglar Bangs Petite Korean Wife Honey


Masked Burglar Bangs Petite Korean Wife Honey. Brunette Asian babe Honey Moon approaches her husband. She tries to seduce him to fuck her horny pussy right now. But guy refuses her because he has to work, he has a deadline to finish. This is how they pay their bills and Honey has to leave him alone.

Masked Burglar Bangs Petite Korean Wife Honey

On the other side, masked thief Sean is in the house and about to steal their valuables. But after eavesdropping the conversation between hot horny wife and husband, he changes his mind. Masked guy walks through hot Korean wife in her sexy red dress silently and gags his mouth. He starts to fondle her enchanted tits and slips his hand into her pussy. Although brunette babe gets a little scared, she wants this stranger to fuck her pussy next to her working husband.

Date: November 19, 2018

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