Married Man Fucks Gorgeous Decorator Rose Monroe


Married Man Fucks Gorgeous Decorator Rose Monroe. Bambino is a young entrepreneur renting his properties for short term. His business is going well and he is earning good money. Bambino is working with a very hot Latina, Rose Monroe as interior designer. She is doing such a good job, decorating his properties with cheap but tasteful stuff. So, busty Latina saves lots of money.

Married Man Fucks Gorgeous Decorator Rose Monroe

While they are checking one of her property together, Bambino checks only Rose’s huge Latina ass in tight shorts. When big titty decorator turns her back, she finds Bambino on his knees, staring her big butts. Although this guy is married, Rose can do with him if he gives her the raise. On top of the raise, she asks for two weeks location in one of his property. It is too much money but Bambino is willing to give him to pound this hottie right there.


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Date: February 23, 2018
Actors: Rose Monroe

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