Male Stripper Fucks Blonde Julia Parker


Male Stripper Fucks Blonde Julia Parker. Julia Parker is a newly divorced babe. In her years of married life, she didn’t get enough satisfaction in the bed. It was always boring to fuck with her husband and they always did the same positions. Now, she is free and wants to experience more men, specifically more cocks.

Male Stripper Fucks Blonde Julia Parker

Julia tells what she wants to her best friends. Lucky for her, Marie has a card visit of a male stripper and she praises the guy. Blonde babe Julia takes the card visit and gives him a call on the very same day. The male stripper has no program today so he accepts to come to her place for a private show. He shows up in her living room, wearing an ancient Roman costume and a helm. The guy slowly takes off his clothes and his caper but keeps the helmet. When Julia faces the bare cock, she immediately starts sucking.

Date: July 11, 2019
Actors: Julia Parker