Mailman Fucks Gorgeous Italian Valentina Anal


Mailman Fucks Gorgeous Italian Valentina Anal. Curvy Italian beauty Valentina Nappi has moved to Spanish speaking country for work. But she doesn’t know anyone in here and feels lonely. First person she met is her mailman Juan Lucho, a charming and sweet man. Soon, they become friends and Valentina calls him for coffee everytime he brings her mail.

Mailman Fucks Gorgeous Italian Valentina Anal

On the other hand, Juan has a crush on busty beauty Valentina. After delivering her mail and drinking coffee with her, pervert guy takes his place at her window. He spies on her when she changes her clothes. Today, he delivers her a box from Italia. This time, Valentina doesn’t invite her inside for coffee. So, horny dude gets in front of her window to peep what she is going. Oh, it is a black vibrator she get from the box and starts masturbation. When she turns her head, she busts Juan peeping on her. She stands up and rushes to front door. She catches him in his arm and pulls him inside. Actually, she is more than happy to have Juan peeping on her because she really needs a hard cock in her pussy. Also, she wants to try this foreign cock in her tight asshole for anal pounding.

Date: April 20, 2018

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