Lucky Guy Fucks Three Hot Cheerleaders Gia


Lucky Guy Fucks Three Hot Cheerleaders Gia. Blonde babe Emma Starletto, and brunette babes Lily Glee and Gia Gelato are best friends for many years now. They are like more than sisters now, doing everything together. They are in the same school and this year Lily offers them to become cheerleaders. As they are all slender and beautiful, it is easy for them to be picked into the cheerleader team.

Lucky Guy Fucks Three Hot Cheerleaders Gia

In a couple of months, slutty teens become the best members of their cheerleader squat. While they are walking their neighborhood from school in their red and white cheerleader uniforms, they start to talk about cheerleading. Gia mentions that their cheerleader team doesn’t have a captain. They realize that they are passing by the coach’s house. They want to solve the problem right now so they knock his door and immediately tell their problem. Couch Rion King knows that these three students are the best in cheerleaders, he can choose one of them right now in his backyard.

Date: July 11, 2019