Lucky Guy Fucks Both Stepmom and Stepdaughter


Lucky Guy Fucks Both Stepmom and Stepdaughter. Blonde milf Bret Rossi hears the doorbell and goes to open. She finds a stranger in her doorway. He introduces himself as Jessy Jones, the boyfriend of her new stepdaughter Britney Light. Actually, Bret has married only one month ago and she is now living with her husband and his daughter. Sexy milf tells him to wait and heads into her step daughter’s room.

Lucky Guy Fucks Both Stepmom and Stepdaughter

Before calling for Britney, Bret glances the room. Oh, there are a lot of sex toys lying on the bed. Her stepdaughter Britney is trying different but slutty lingerie. By the young and sexy body of teen’s, Bret feels so horny and starts to rub herself while peeping on her. When Britney notices her presence, Bret asks about the sex toys. Britney confesses that she and her boyfriend Jessy want to try new things in bed. If this is the situation, Bret has the experience and can share with her, right now.


Naughty Stepmom Bret Fucks Stepdaughter and BF

Date: February 5, 2019