Lucky Guy Fucks Bike Rider Teen Kara


Lucky Guy Fucks Bike Rider Teen Kara. Peter Green takes out her bike from the garage as Spring starts. This is amazing weather with warm sun and he decides to ride around the woods. While riding in the narrow path in nature, a smoking hot teen passes him with her bike. She turns around and teases him being so slow. After racing with her couple of minutes, she makes him eat her dust and goes out of his sight.

Lucky Guy Fucks Bike Rider Teen Kara

After a couple of minutes later, Peter sees this sexy girl once again. Apparently, brunette teen Kara Lee has a flat tire now and is begging for his help. As she has teased him, Peter doesn’t want to help her and he decides to leave her alone in the middle of the woods. Hot teen Kara knows exactly how to change his mind. She tells him that she is ready to do anything. Peter assumes that she is implying a date. But Kara clarifies and offers him a fuck right there in return of his help.

Date: May 15, 2019
Actors: Kara Lee