Latino Stepsister Serena Santos Making A Deal


Latino Stepsister Serena Santos Making A Deal. After their mom went for a vacation, the step-sibling decides to share the same bed. There is one TV in the home and that one is in the master bedroom. To give total control of TV, busty stepsister Serena Santos has a condition. Her stepbro will drive her to the beach, spend some time there with her. Then he will bring her back home. He agrees that.

Latino Stepsister Serena Santos Making A Deal

Soon after they get on the way. When they rich the destination, Serena wears her bikini in the car. That is kinda naughty and kinky. He now is aware of her feelings. During the hanging around slutty stepsis flashes her hot tits when he demands. On the next, in the morning brunette teen wakes him up. She wants to visit some shops but he does not feel well. That makes her unhappy but nothing to do. After she leaves, dirty guy checks her nude boobs picture. Later on, in the third morning, he wakes up again.

But this time the slutty stepsister was sucking his big cock. After making him hush, she continues to suck him off. Now she may want to another wish for sure. This time Serena goes to the beach. After returning from there, hot brunette lays down on the bed, moves her big butts toward his face. She needs to getting fuck and does not hesitate to tell that.

Booty Latina Teen Serena Santos
Booty Serena Santos
Date: June 24, 2019
Actors: Serena Santos