Latina Stepmom Ariella Fucks Step Son


Latina Stepmom Ariella Fucks Step Son. While cooking in the kitchen, Ariella Ferrera starts to check the mail. Busty milf gets huge shock when she sees the bill of her credit card. It is over four thousand dollars and apparently her looser step son Juan Loco has been using it. Latina milf barges into her step son Juan’s room. Oh, there are lots of boxes in the room, which he bought with her credit card. Also, he is in front of his laptop and still shopping.

Latina Stepmom Ariella Fucks Step Son

First, hot step mother Ariella yells and scolds at him but it doesn’t help to soothe her. Then, she lies her step son into her lap, pulls his pants down and starts slapping his ass hard. After slapping his bare ass, she takes his laptop and threats him to tell his father. At that point, Juan Loco gets on his knees and begs to his step mother not to do so. In return, he is ready to anything for her, anything she wants. That gives an idea to horny milf. She pulls up her skirt, puts her panties aside and sits on her step son face. She literally rides his face with her pussy so he can give her the pussy eating she likes. Latina milf amazes by his cock side and finally she can satisfy her horny pussy with this young stud.

Date: January 4, 2019

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