Latina Bombshell Serena Fucks Katana


Latina Bombshell Serena Fucks Katana. While approaching through the bus stop, their argument gets heated. Lately, her boyfriend is threading Katana Combat rude. Actually, he has become quite abusive. As they sit at the bus stop, he continues to yell and swears. The newcomer, Serena Santos in the bus stop steps into their fight and defends Katana against her boyfriend. Soon, the guy tells them both to fuck themselves and leaves the bus stop.

Latina Bombshell Serena Fucks Katana

Serena doesn’t want to leave this beautiful babe, Katana alone. Because Latina babe Serena has experienced with abusive boyfriends. So, she invites Katana into her place. After smooth-talking, Serena kisses Katana in the lips. It is a nice surprise for Katana and she likes the lovely touch of another woman. Hence, Katana decides to go all the way down with this hot Latina babe. Katana kisses Serena back and let her take their lesbian action into her bedroom. After getting totally naked, Katana scissors Serena and rubs her pussy against hers, hard before switching into sixty-nine.

Date: March 1, 2019