Latina Babe Afrodita Dominates Cheater Guy Furiously


Latina Babe Afrodita Dominates Cheater Guy Furiously. Afrodita is very angry to her cheater guy after she finds out he cheated on her. Crazy girl yells, stomps aroung fruously. The guy takes over his clothes, gets near her to getting back Afrodita. Nasty girl wont easily accept his apology. She rubs down her hairy cunt in front of him. If he want her back, he needs to get down and beg for it. Well, the guy is ready to do that. With her heels, she places them on his chest while masturbatin. Then she sits on his face, makes him lick out her cunt. Then, she begins to beg for his hard cock. She easily gives up.

Date: November 29, 2018
Actors: Afrodita