Landlord Fucks Sexy Teen Kali Roses For Rent


Landlord Fucks Sexy Teen Kali Roses For Rent. Seth thinks it would be fun to live with a hot girl in the same house. So, he rents her spare room to a beautiful blonde teen Kali Roses. It is nice to see her in tiny outfits. But after couple of months, this little bitch stops to pay rent. When he asks her to pay, she always tells him that she is going to pay at the weekend. Even, around rent payment time, blonde babe wears more slutty clothes to get away paying.

Landlord Fucks Sexy Teen Kali Roses For Rent

Although it is fun to have her around, Seth doesn’t want to be the sucker, letting her without payment. So, he makes an eviction note for her and delivers while she is changing her clothes. It is a very bad surprise for Kali and she gets on her knees, bags him not to evict her. She says that she will do everything, all the house chores. But there is only one thing Seth wants from her, her tight teen pussy. So, he points out his big cock and blackmails this teen to fuck for rent.

Date: November 8, 2018