Lala Ivey Gets Big Help From US Guy


Lala Ivey Gets Big Help From US Guy. The Ebony teen comes to the US to study. She has been taking care off extremely well by the family she lives with. The old guy likes this young foreign girl, gives every help he can. Time is passing and one day he gets a call from immigration services.

Lala Ivey Gets Big Help From US Guy

As he understands, she may get a kick off from the country. But he has also an idea. With the post in his hand, he gets into her room and gives the bad news. Also, he says he will help her for any coast. Then, he tells her his brilliant plan. The guy will cum inside her after fucking her fresh cunt. If she gets pregnant, she most probably will stay in the US. So, he removes her pantie, begins to licks her muff. Then reveals his hard cock. With her hijab still o her, ebony babe blows his dong. The hard guy does not even take off her clothes, just moves aside her pantie to show his hard boner into her cunt. Soon after, hard stud bangs her cunt in several positions. Finally, he gives the creampie to her.

Date: December 10, 2018