Lacy Lennon, The Bratty Stepdaughter Shares With Stepmom


Lacy Lennon, The Bratty Stepdaughter Shares With Stepmom. Kit Mercer, the smart ass blonde stepmom is taking care of the home. She also gets what is going on in her home too. During this Sunday, her bratty redhead stepdaughter, Lacy Lennon is planning to fuck with her BF until the end of the day. Lacy helps her BF to sneaks inside. Also pretend she knows nothing, just listen to music on the sofa. When her stepmom Kit tells her it is time to do laundry, Lacy pretend again she is not happy with it.

Lacy Lennon, The Bratty Stepdaughter Shares With Stepmom

At the same time, her BF was sniffing some panties while jerking off in her room. After the perv guy hears up someone is getting closer to the room, he covers him with a pile of dirty laundry. Horny teen Lacy already knows he is under them, that was the plan. Slutty teen unzips his pants, revealing his rumbling boner to suck him off. Later on, While she was riding his hard boner on the bed, busty Milf Kit busts them. Then she threatens her to telling this naughty action to his daddy.

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Date: May 13, 2019