Kimber Lee, Vanessa Cage – BF Punishment


Kimber Lee, Vanessa Cage – BF Punishment. Kimber and Vanessa are talking in Kimber’s living room. Blonde babe Kimber is complaining about J Mac, her boyfriend. He really is a douche bag because he forgot their anniversary and always he is playing video games. Kimber accepts that she is jealous of Vanessa’s boyfriend who is always nice and romantic to Vanessa.

Kimber Lee, Vanessa Cage – Sharing Boyfriend

Kimber asks her best friend to help her with the punishment of her boyfriend. She wants to make out with her, in front of him. In college times, they fucked each other many times so busty Vanessa accepts. When J Mac comes to home, Kimber explains his punishment. He will only watch and never touch to Kimber. It is not the biggest punishment for a guy who forgets anniversary so J Mac accepts too.

Blonde babes Vanessa and Kimber start kissing and rubbing each other’s big natural tits. Vanessa spreads her legs and Kimber sticks her tongue into her pussy to lick, eyes closed. While she is eating Vanessa’s pussy with closed eyes, J Mac pulls out his big cock and starts to jerk off. Vanessa amazes by its size, it is twice of his man so she can hold herself but gives him a handjob.

When big butts hottie, Kimber opens her eyes, she catches her best friend’s giving a handjob to her boyfriend. Girlfriend gets angry first but J Mac begs for forgiveness. Actually, Kimber is so horny at the moment and she really wants a threesome with her bestie and boyfriend, why not?

Kimber Lee, Vanessa Cage - Threesome BFFs

Date: August 10, 2017