Kendra Sunderland, Blair Williams – College Friend’s Reunion


Kendra Sunderland, Blair Williams – College Friend’s Reunion. After the college, sexy blonde Blair directly found a job and worked for three consecutive years. Now, hot blonde Blair has quit her job and wants to take personal time for herself. When she is talking to her college friend Kendra Sunderland on the phone, her friend invites Blair into their house in LA.

Kendra Sunderland, Blair Williams – College Friend’s Reunion

It is a big opportunity both to catch up with her old college friend and enjoy life in such a big city, Los Angeles. So, Blair accepts her offer and goes her place directly. Her busty friend Kendra is living with her handsome boyfriend Jean Val Jean and they have an amazing place.

After Blair gets a shower, Kendra watches her drying with a towel. Actually, back in times, they made out here and there, you can call that they had a lesbian relationship. Blair sees the old look in Kendra’s eyes while she is looking at her naked body. Hot blonde Blair gets in front of Kendra and once again they start to make out. Jean stumbles upon their lesbian make out and his girlfriend is more than happy to involve him for a threesome with her old lesbian fling.

Kendra Sunderland, Blair Williams - Blonde Friend's Threeway

Date: September 25, 2017