Jasmine Jae, The Deen Who Loves To Punish Students


Jasmine Jae, The Deen Who Loves To Punish Students. The brunette hottie Jasmine Jae is managing her class just in her way. There is nothing more to troubling than one of her students, Alex. He is just the pain in the ass of her school. Accept him, everything is fine all around. Today, he goes further than ever and as a decent teacher, bootylicious babe, decide to end this issue. After school, Jasmin calls him in the classroom.

Jasmine Jae, The Deen Who Loves To Punish Students

Although he is a troublesome one, he also wants gratitude, get away from the school too. But the teacher Jasmine is the nephew of the deen, and she has a good relationship with her uncle too. If she insists on it, Alex may not get any graduation from the school. Busty teacher makes it crystal clear. Alex, now feels that he is in real trouble. He will do everything she demands to get well with the deen.

Also, the slutty teacher Jasmin hears out how big his cock too. She blackmails him just there. Alex will remain decent and as his teacher, busty bombshell Jasmine Jae is gonna milk his balls in the classroom. The tempting raven babe makes his big cock reveal from his pants. Then she gives a messy titty fuck with her huge boobs just before getting fuck with him.

Jasmine Jae, Slutty Teacher Rides The Young Stud
Slutty Teacher
Date: June 22, 2019